"My Golf Buddies Were Surprised to See The Improvement in My Golf Swing" | The Real Feel Golf Mat

"My Golf Buddies Were Surprised to See The Improvement in My Golf Swing"

Posted on 16. Jan, 2012 by in Golf Mat Reviews

Sent: Monday, July 4, 2011 11:33:58 PM
Subject: CCE Mat is GREAT !!!

Hello to everyone at JR Mats !

Buying your 20″ x 36″ CCE mat is one of the best things that I have done since I started playing golf a year
ago. After several days of hitting  balls (at my sister’s lot) using the mat, I went to the driving range to
test my skills.

My golf buddies were surprised to see the improvement in my swing especially the accuracy at impact. (I wasn’t using the CCE mat when I went to hit balls at the driving range. I Am plannng to bring the mat this coming Saturday so my golf pals can try it for themselves)

Practice swings with the CCE mat gave me confidence and my fear of hurting myself was totally eliminated. Before,
hard mats and/or surfaces had a bad influence on my swing for fear that hitting the surface before the ball would hurt my elbow and/or wrist,
sending an early warning to my brain, hence, I pullout of the swing and skull the ball.

By the way, I was able to cure my fat shots and over the top (not yet totally) ever since I begun practicing at home. I really can dig into the
mat if I wanted to hit down on the ball and it doesn’t feel painful on the elbow. I practice everyday for at least 100+ swings. Your mat
is a great invesment, saves me time and driving range money. And fuel too.

One more thing, my kids and friends love the sound of the birdie ball.

Finally, I live in Quezon City, Metro Manila (Philippines) and I would like to know how much would it cost if I order the 10″ x 30″ CCE mat and
have it delivered here. Likewise, how long will it take.

Thanks for your time and effort. Most of all, thanks for developing the CCE Mat.

More Power To You Guys !!!

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