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“The quality and durability is the best I have ever seen” Golf Mats Review – Lynn Laird

Posted on 25. Jul, 2012 by in Blog, Gallery, Golf Mat Reviews

I hope you can use these pictures of a old man. I just turned 60 and just got back into golf after a 20 year break. As a retired undertaker I need all the help I can find. After 40 years of digging 6-foot holes for my friends it is a welcome change to dig divots with my friends and talk about the pretty young girls who play golf today and lie about the good old days!!!
Your GOLF MATT is great!
 The quality and durability is the best I have ever seen.
I’m trying to teach my 26year old son how much fun golf is and we have enjoyed your golf matt.
 The feel is great and each day I try and hit at least ten shots per club in my bag to try and get back into the swing. I will be advertising to all the folks I know here in East Texas for you.
Best regards from your undertaker friend,
Lynn M. Laird
           Owner- Laird Funeral Home, Nacogdoches, Texas
P.S. My wife said thank you! Without your golf matt I was making a mess out of our back yard.
Remember a bad day of golf with your toes down is better than than toes up at your friendly undertakers.                 – – – smile all undertakers have a sick since humor????

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