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Real Feel™ Country Club Elite® Golf Practice Mats vs The Other Guys

Posted on 19. Oct, 2012 by in Golf Mat Reviews

“You are selling the best golf mat that I have ever hit off.  I have attached a few pictures so you can see how I have my hitting station set-up.  My golf swing used to produce a high shot that lacked distance because I didn’t compress the ball at impact.  The problem is that most mats can’t handle the wear and tear that the average golfer inflicts on them as he tries to develop a swing that compresses the ball.  Your mat is very different than other mats out there, much stronger with the professional construction that allows you to swing correctly and aggressively, without hurting yourself or ripping the mat.

Bottom Line: I have dropped my handicap about 5 strokes this spring by using your mat to help me develop a solid, repeatable swing that I can trust … How much is that worth?”

Greg Palmer
East Greenwich, RI



CCE Mat Wins When Tested against 5 manufacturers

We tested mats from 5 different manufacturers and consulted with our teaching professionals as well as our golfing clientele – Your Country Club Elite Mats received the most votes. I’d recommend them to anyone.  – Chris Hanson, PGA






Subject: Re: NOT happy with my X.X. XXXX mat purchase

I had a bad experience ordering a mat from X.X. XXXX, and would prefer not to go through it again (product not sold as advertised)!


From: “Buck Endemann”

Subject: Re: The other guys mat I received was not as advertised – And They didn’t care  I ordered a mat that they advertised to be 1.5″ thick and professional  quality.  The mat that they delivered was 3/4″ thick, and felt light and  flimsy despite the high price tag.  I emailed X.X. XXXXX and asked for an  explanation as to why the product was not as advertised, and also expressing  surprise that such a mat could command such a price.

Rather than explain  themselves, attribute the inferior product to a shipping error, or do  anything else to maintain my business or restore my confidence in their  product, they simply conceded defeat and had UPS pick the mat back up a week  later.  Thanks Jay.  Buck

 And then he got the Country Club Elite® Mat …..


  Hi Jay – I’m Very Impressed with your Country Club Elite® Mat.

I’ve had a few days to hit off your mat and am very impressed. The nice  heavy rubber base does not slip and provides a good cushion, even when I’m  hitting off a concrete slab.  As promised, you can tell when you hit a clean  shot versus when you catch it fat.  The pre-drilled tee holes and plastic  tee holder are another unexpected bonus.  Unlike your competitors, your  product shipped quickly, arrived as-advertised, and your customer service  has been first-rate. Thanks for the bonus DVD, too.  Keep up the great work  and I look forward to doing business with your company again.

Thanks,   Buck


++++++++++++++ who else uses the Country Club Elite Mat ++++++++++

I truly believe that we make the finest Golf Mat in the industry  and
it’s not just me saying it.

Below is a list of some of our more acclaimed users:

  • Mike Bender Golf Academy #5 in Golf Digest 50 Greatest teachers
  • Ritson-Sole Golf Schools -longest running Top 25 Golf School
  • Butch Harmon School of Golf
  • Jim McLean – Golf Academy at Miami Beach Golf Club
  • Annika Academy at Reunion
  • Shawn Clement – #1 golf teacher on youtube
  • Brian Manzella – Top 100 Teacher
  • David Toms 265Academy
  • PGA Pros Sean O’Hair, Kirk Tripplet, Shaun Micheel, and Jeff Costons, DJ Brigman,

“I can’t imagine a better golf mat” – Mike Bender – #5 Teacher In Golf Digest Top 50

“The Best Investment I ever made in golf” Doug Joels Father of Veronica Joels US Kids Golf Foundation 2012 “Player of the Year” in the Girls 12-14 division

“The No Contest Best .. I wouldn’t Use anything else” Brian Manzella – Top 100 teacher Golf Magazine

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