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Mike Bender UnEven Lie Golf Mat™ Review

Posted on 01. Feb, 2018 by in Blog, Golf Mat Reviews

J.R. Mats Inc. released their new review of UnEven Lie Golf Mats ™ by Top Golf Instructor Mike Bender.  Mike talks about how golf is usually practiced on a flat practice tee rather than the “field” that it is actually played on.

Mike Bender Academy Uneven Lie Station

Mike Bender | Uneven Lie Mats ™

UnEven Lie Golf Mats™ where developed by J.R. Mats Inc. president Jay McGrath to help Bender create the UnEven Lie Station at his new state of the art golf academy.  When we first tried traditional golf turf mats the ball rolled off of the incline.  We developed the Uneven Lie™ mat with a distinct grain to keep the ball in place.

The review shows how Bender uses his UnEven Lie Mats at his academy to help his students practice the uneven lies that they may encounter on the golf course.

J.R. Mats Inc. owner says there are many teaching professional considering adding adding UnEven Lie Golf Mats™  to their golf practice space and a lot of buzz around its potential benefits in the Golf field.

About J.R. Mats Inc.

J.R. Mats, Inc. developed the Country Club Elite® Golf Mats. The first golf practice mat that Takes A Real Tee® and lets you Swing Down And Through® with True Divot Action®.

About Mike Bender:

Mike Bender—Named by Golf Digest as one of America’s Top Five Best Teachers Mike Bender is a competitor turned teacher ranked in GOLF Magazine as one of the Top 100 Teachers in America since 1996. He has successfully improved golfers ranking from beginner to professional—such as Zach Johnson, Jonathan Byrd, Mark Hensby, Skip Kendal. He has created the training tool called MEGSA PPE (Most Efficient Golf Swing Attainable Perfect Practice Equipment  which is being used by more than a dozen touring professionals as well as amateurs. Bender continues to teach and refine his teachings in order to continue improving golfers swings in terms of power and efficiency—the determination that has allowed him to maintain his title as one of the best golf teachers ever known.

For more information visit Mike Bender’s Golf Academy  with Cheryl Anderson, a 2017-2018 LPGA Top 50 Teacher.


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