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Quick & True Putting Turf™

If you are looking to build an indoor putting green or dress up your simulator room J.R. Mats can help. Since we make so many sizes we often can provide substantial savings on designs including rough and chipping areas (rather than having to pay for full bulk broadloom widths).

Please fill in the form below with as much information as you can and we would be happy to lend out expertise and experience to help you best meet your needs.

Quick And True Putting Turf™ Completes this Golf Room

“I putt and practice my bump & runs” (3′ x 10′ pictured)

“Perfect size to work on my putting at home” (2′ x 8′ pictured)


Putting Turf on Tiles to make it flush with practice mat

Putting Turf finished off simulator room

Putting cup hole cut-out


Over the past 12-years we have strived to come up with the best fiber bled for putting – to provide a quick and true roll. The result is Quick and True Putting Turf™.

We have a number of widths to meet your needs from narrow strip for your office or living room up to a 15′ x 50′ for the back yard.

  • Quick and True
  • Any Size up to 15′ x 50′
  • Attached 1/4″ foam
  • We can cut the putting cup hole at your request (typically centered and 18″ from end)

Our most popular sizes:

Buy Now 1′ x 10′ $45.00 w/ Free Shipping (hole cut 12″ from end)
Buy Now 2′ x 8′ $68.00 w/ Free Shipping (hole cut 12″ from end)
Buy Now 3′ x 10′ $137.50 w/ Free Shipping (hole cut 12″ from end)
Buy Now 4′ x 10′ $185.00 w/ Free Shipping (hole cut 12″ from end)

We can supply Quick & True in almost any size. Please email us with as much information about your project as you have and also include your complete ship to address so that we can accurately calculate shipping costs.
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Width x Your Length = Cost
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