The Real Feel Golf Mat |  A Swing You Can Trust (DVD)

A Swing You Can Trust (DVD)

A Swing You Can Trust (2DVD)

NEW Deluxe EditionInstruction that will change your game:

  • Strong, clear visuals for mastering the fundamentals
  • Develop a powerful, repeatable swing
  • Simple, innovative drills to refine your golf game
  • Appropriate for players of all levels
  • Special fitness section to get stronger and more flexible

Roberto Borgatti’s A Swing You Can Trust breaks through all the noise, fads and boring content on today’s instructional front.

This powerful, proven, performance-based approach for pros and amateurs alike integrates the latest insights and best practices from the field. From developing a powerful, repeatable swing…to precision strokes, you’ll discover shotmaking secrets for all sitations, and get stronger and more flexible with a fully developed golf-fitness program. This DVD will be your guide to better golf performance.

A Swing You Can Trust is a lively and easy-to-follow guide for a powerful & accurate golf game. “It’s all about getting golfers to their desired goals,” Borgatti says, “Removing the mystery and frustration they experience. Allowing players more enjoyment and confidence.”

This powerful comprehensive program will help you achieve the swing you want…it provides step-by-step instruction on every aspects of the game from Full Swing to Shortgame, Special Shots low, high, fairway bunkers and different slopes and lies, even golf fitness.

“The most comprehensive and effective golf DVD ever!” – Ken Baron NBC

All on One DVD includes:

  • Full Swing
  • Short Game
  • Putting
  • Special Shots
  • Golf Fitness

Full Swing

Short Game


Specialty Shots

Golf Fitness

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