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Golf Driving Mat

How many times have you wanted to practice your golfing swing only to back out when you considered all the hassle it would take just to get the range? If you are like many players, the answer to that question is probably “a lot”. So how about purchasing a home driving mat?

T-Turf Golf Mats dense fiber system holds a real wooden golf tee.
  • Takes A Real Tee
  • Lets You Swing Down and Through the Ball
  • No Bounce
  • True Divot Action

Finally, a golf mat that lets you swing down and through the ball!
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Now, you do not have to load up the car, make arrangements to be away from home for a few hours, or even drive to the range. You can now work on your game anytime, anywhere with a quality golf driving mat as your foundation.

This is not your usual junky product, the kind that you find at the range. This is the new and exciting Country Club Elite® T-turf™ system, and it is by far the very best golf driving mat you can find. Our company, J.R. Mats Inc, is proud to offer this truly unique and top notch home driving mat to the general public.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • This is a brand new and revolutionary design, not like anything you have seen before.
  • They are made in America using the finest components available.
  • The Long Dense Fiber is 1 1/4" tall and bonded to a 7/16" reinforced foam pad.
  • This unique foam provides the great feel and also helps to weigh it down.
  • The unique Long Dense Fiber System incorporates spring-set heavy-denier mono-filament fibers packed in so tightly that it can even hold a real wooden tee!

One problem with using older style products is that they incorporate a rubber tee. You have seen them, we all have. Those little rubber tees that you cannot adjust or even remove. With this system, you can actually set a wooden tee into the product and adjust the height of the tee to fits your particular needs for each particular club. Players using 460cc drivers already know how important that is!

“My Personal Diving Range”

My new personal driving range“As promised here are some pictures of my new “personal” driving range.

There are actually two hitting stations — one at each end of the field — which are about 300 yards apart. I’m planning on putting another of your mats at the other end of the field next summer, so I can use either end of the field for practice.

I like the mat very much — it is FAR SUPERIOR to any other artificial turf mat I have ever used or hit off. The ability to actually stick a tee in it and just tee-up a ball is great — love it!

Thanks again for your assistance,”

Lance Hicks
Eastbrooke, ME

The benefits that this new system offers goes on and on and are simply too much to detail here. We encourage you to visit our main website where you can read and learn more about this exciting new training aid that is showing so much promise to many golfers. The information can be found and read at and you will be pleased to see that we are offering special bonus gifts for those who act now and qualify.

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