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Why I Truly Believe That This Is The Best Golf Driving Range Mat Available

  • It Lets You Swing Down And Through The Ball Solving The “Bounce Problem” Most Golf Mats Have
  • It Is So Thick That It Can Take A Real Golf Tee
  • The Fibers Flex On Impact Providing True Divot Action
  • Lastly, Because My Customers Have Told Me So (please read below)

“The Best Driving Range Mat That We Have Ever Used”

“Jay, I wanted to update my letter to you. It has been a few years now and I know we were one of the first to start using your Country Club Elite® Mats at our Driving Range. We are elated with our investment in your Country Club Elite Mats® for our range. I believe that it is the best mat that we ever have used and our customers love the true feel of it.

I knew from the start that the “feel” of your range mat was what we were looking to provide to our customers, but an added benefit has been the incredible duability. We’ve had out first test mat for over three years and it still looks good. I will be ordering more Country Club Elite® Mats this fall to replace our old style driving range mats as soon as we can.

Thanks again for a great product.

Tom Milton
Walther’s Golf Range, Evansville, IN

“Country Club Elite® Mats Solve the ‘Bounce Problem’ Other Range Mats Have”

“Hi Jay,

“I wanted to let you know that I truly believe your new Country Club Elite® Golf Mat is the best artificial surface on the market. This spring we installed 24 of your mats to create a tee line for outings and grass tee relief as needed. The product still looks like new and our members love it. It really does eliminate the problems common with most mats – there is no bounce and the feel really is REAL. I was concerned about forcing members to hit off of mats since we have always had a natural grass practice range. But the response has been sooo good that some of my membership would prefer to hit off of the mats even when they don’t have too. Please feel free to use me as a reference, I have already recommended you and your product to a number of clubs.

Thanks again for a great product.”

PGA President Jack Connelly
Head professional at Huntingdon Valley CC, PA
(PGA of America President 2001-2003)

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Mike Bender Golf Academy

“I had Given Up Hope… Until I Saw The Country Club Elite® Golf Mat”

“Dear Mr. McGrath,

It was my pleasure to meet you at this years PGA show. Thank you so much for your help with our custom MEGSA Mats and also introducing me to your new Country Club Elite® Mats. As you know we run multiple golf academies and have been looking for an acceptable synthetic hitting turf option for years. I had given up hope until seeing your product. It provides a true feel with true results especially on a “fat-shot”. We plan on installing your product at two of our academies this year with more to come. Best wishes for your continued success.


Mike Bender
Mike Bender Golf Academy, Lake Mary FL

Golf Magazine Top 100 Teachers & Golf Digest Top 50 Greatest Teachers

Mike Bender is a two time North Florida PGA Teacher of the Year, and is ranked by Golf Magazine (by his peers) as one of the Top 100 Instructors and Golf Digest as one of the top 10 Instructors in America.

Steve Dresser Golf Academy

“The Perfect Practice Mats For Our Training School”

“Hi Jay,

I did a lot of research looking for the perfect mats for our indoor training center at our golf school. After narrowing my choices to a few companies, it was your testimonials that convinced me to go with your product. After using the mats for over 3 months, I too am a believer and find it necessary to provide my own testimonial. We use the mats every day regardless of weather as we perform all video analysis indoors hitting through 12′ X 12′ garage doors. Not only do they provide a realistic feel, they still look brand new and we haven’t even rotated them yet.

Thanks for making such a great product and best wishes for continued success.”

Golf Magazine Top 25 Golf Schools & Golf Digest Best InstructorSteve Dresser
Steve Dresser Golf Academy
Golf Magazine Top 25 in America
2004 PGA Carolinas Section Teacher of the Year

The Quechee Club

“In Side-By-Side Test Country Club Elite® Wins Hands Down”


In the spring of 2007 we ordered one of your Country Club Elite® Mats along with one True Strike Golf Mat and one Fiberbuilt Golf Mat. My Members hit off of the three test mats for the full 2007 season and I’m happy to tell you that your mats won the side by side member test hands down.

My members really like the feel of the hitting surface and love the fact that they can use their own tees in it.

Enclosed is the order for 20 more units of your mat system for our range.


Ken Lallier

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“Put to the Test Members want more Country Club Elite® Mats to keep their swings grooved through the winter months”

“Jay, after putting your Country Club Elite® Mat to the test I would like to order some more (order enclosed). We purchased one of your Country Club Elite® Mats this past spring and my members have hit off of it for most of the season. The membership is very pleased with the product and insisted that I order more for the off-season so that they can take advantage of the warm spells and practice their swings. Thanks for putting out such a great product.”

Tom Waters
Golf Professional
Essex County Club

18th Hole, Essex County ClubEssex County Club in Manchester-by-the-Sea, Mass., has been selected by the United States Golf Association as the site of the 2010 Curtis Cup Match. The dates of the Match will be June 11-13. Essex County Club, the sixth member club of the USGA, originally opened in 1893. During Donald Ross ‘ tenure as the club’s head professional, from 1910 to 1913, he completely redesigned the course, finishing in 1917. Since then, the course has remained virtually unchanged.

J.R. Mats was the first to introduce a golf mat that could take a real tee at the 2006 PGA show and although that’s what got the initial attention the “Real Feel” quickly became the reputation of This great golf mat.

T-Turf Golf Mats dense fiber system holds a real wooden golf tee.
  • Takes A Real Tee
  • Lets You Swing Down and Through the Ball
  • No Bounce
  • True Divot Action

Finally, a golf mat that lets you swing down and through the ball!
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Now, you do not have to load up the car, make arrangements to be away from home for a few hours, or even drive to the range. You can now work on your game anytime, anywhere with a quality golf driving mat as your foundation.

This is not your usual junky product, the kind that you find at the range. This is the new and exciting Country Club Elite® T-turf™ system, and it is by far the very best golf driving mat you can find. Our company, J.R. Mats Inc, is proud to offer this truly unique and top notch home driving mat to the general public.

Here are a few things to consider:

  • This is a brand new and revolutionary design, not like anything you have seen before.
  • They are made in America using the finest components available.
  • The Long Dense Fiber is 1 1/4″ tall and bonded to a 7/16″ reinforced foam pad.
  • This unique foam provides the great feel and also helps to weigh it down.
  • The unique Long Dense Fiber System incorporates spring-set heavy-denier mono-filament fibers packed in so tightly that it can even hold a real wooden tee!

One problem with using older style products is that they incorporate a rubber tee. You have seen them, we all have. Those little rubber tees that you cannot adjust or even remove. With this system, you can actually set a wooden tee into the product and adjust the height of the tee to fits your particular needs for each particular club. Players using 460cc drivers already know how important that is!

“My Personal Diving Range”

My new personal driving range“As promised here are some pictures of my new “personal” driving range.

There are actually two hitting stations — one at each end of the field — which are about 300 yards apart. I’m planning on putting another of your mats at the other end of the field next summer, so I can use either end of the field for practice.

I like the mat very much — it is FAR SUPERIOR to any other artificial turf mat I have ever used or hit off. The ability to actually stick a tee in it and just tee-up a ball is great — love it!

Thanks again for your assistance,”

Lance Hicks
Eastbrooke, ME

The benefits that this new system offers goes on and on and are simply too much to detail here. We encourage you to visit our main website where you can read and learn more about this exciting new training aid that is showing so much promise to many golfers. The information can be found and read at and you will be pleased to see that we are offering special bonus gifts for those who act now and qualify.

Country Clubs like Huntingdon Valley CC is PA who had never used golf mats are now seeing the benefits of a quality Practice mat option for their tee lines.

  • Members can hit balls even in wet weather and through the winter months
  • The natural Grass tee line can be given time to bounce back
  • Outings can placed on “mats only” to save the tee line

Even Top Teaching Pros are on board using the real feel Country Club Elite® Golf Mat to help golfers work on there swing and improve ball striking.

Thank you for your interest, if you would like more information feel free to click here to go to the main page.

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“10” x 30″ Hitting Strip Is PerfectnTo Take To the Golf Range”

I received my golf mat hitting strip and it is a great product. I took it to the range for the first time the other day because the mats at my local range are hard as rock. I stand on their mat and place my new 10″ x 30″ Country Club Elite® hitting strip next to it for hitting. It’s a super easy way to get more out of my driving range practice.

The person in the stall next to me even had to try it out. It is safe to say you will have another order for the small Country Club Elite®. It is perfect to take to the driving range.

Jason Sterling
Shoreham, New York

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