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“The Best Golf Hitting Mat Surface That I’ve Ever Seen”

“KZG is all about quality. We pride ourselves in our award winning equipment and our discerning practice of only working with the elite of the Professional Clubfitters. So, of course we wanted the best golf mats for our fitting center where we give advanced club fitting instruction. We ordered Country Club Elite® Mats and have not been disappointed. The product is quite simply the best artificial golf hitting mat that I’ve ever seen as evidenced by the more accurate reads we are getting from out launch monitor and the enthusiastic response from elite club fitters from all over the globe.

Steve Benzin
Director of Education & Training Center

Founded in 1998, KZG has quickly become the #1 Custom ProLine by taking an uncompromising approach to golf equipment with over 2,000 dealers worldwide. The KZG Master Club Fitter training and certification program gives professional clubfitters the knowledge and techniques they need to be the best in the business.

Practicing your swing makes for a perfect swing. There’s a reason they say that — it is because it is true. With a golf hitting mat, you can hone your skills anytime you want, right from your own backyard. For the serious golfer, a practice golf hitting mat is not a luxury, it is a necessity.

T-Turf Golf Mats dense fiber system holds a real wooden golf tee.
  • Takes A Real Tee
  • Lets You Swing Down and Through the Ball
  • No Bounce
  • True Divot Action

Finally, a golf mat that lets you swing down and through the ball!
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Yet, as important as a golf hitting mat is to the serious player, these items come in many shapes and sizes and most are simply not very well made. Many people do not know it, but often a cheap practice golf hitting mat is made from recycled turf from old football fields. This means the fibers are worn out and loose and can actually be dangerous to play on. They tend to lose traction under the player’s feet and that can cause slips and falls.

Another issue that these inferior items bring to the player is that they do not allow the player to use a wooden tee. Instead, they use rubber tees that cannot be adjusted or removed. This is bad news for the player who is trying to hone his skills with a larger driver. These new heavy drivers require that the player find the right height for the tee, meaning the tee must be adjusted. You cannot do that with an old type rubber tee cushion.

J. R. Mats Inc. can solve those problems with the new and improved Elite T-Turf’s Long Dense Fiber System training cushion. Here are just a few ways it can help your game:

  • The incredibly dense fibers mimic the feel of real grass under your feet.
  • When using this system, if you hit down properly on the ball, the club face passes smoothly through the ball.
  • If you do not hit the ball properly, you will immediately feel the difference.
  • The thick fibers will actually cause the club head to slow and it will feel as if you took a divot.

Knowing immediately that you made the wrong swing can be very useful in helping your find the right swing. Your long game and your short game will improve as you develop the skills needed to make these various shots. Why not visit our website and learn more about the great features this product offers. We are available at and, while you are there, check out the special bonus offerings we have!

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