The Real Feel Golf Mat |  How To Install Your Golf Mat

How To Install Your Golf Mat

You can lay the Country Club Elite Real Feel Golf Mats ™ directly on the ground if it’s flat and firm – or if you like to drag it around to different locations.  We have teaching pros that teach with their TrackMan and like to place the CCE Real Feel Golf Mats(tm) directly on the practice tee to get their readings.

To the right is a pictiure of Brian Manzella – top 100 teacher doing just that:

In the video below I show you the most common installation leveling out an area for permanent use.

Lift Sod – Rake / Tamp / Level Crushed Stone

Lay your mat down and Swing Away

Please  let me know if you have any questions
good golfing,


Installation Method #2  Build A  Frame

In the video below I’m using some old 4x4s that were piled up in my Dad’s backyard.  You can also use 2×4’s  or brick pavers and the steps would be the same.  This is a good way to install if your ground is not level.  Depending how un-level the area is you may need to move up to 2×6’s, 2×8’s, or 2 x 12’s.

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