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Ever wish you had a practice pitching mat? If you are a serious player, you have. Players at all levels of skill understand how important the short game is to the overall game. In fact, many pros will tell you that putting and your short game are the two most important factors in improving your overall game. With that being the case, a golf pitching mat can be very useful.

T-Turf Golf Mats dense fiber system holds a real wooden golf tee.
  • Takes A Real Tee
  • Lets You Swing Down and Through the Ball
  • No Bounce
  • True Divot Action

Finally, a golf mat that lets you swing down and through the ball!
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But how do you buy the best practice pitching mat? What should you look for? And won’t it take a lot of time and energy to track down the right one?

The answer to that last question is no!

J.R. Mats Inc. is now offering the very best golf pitching mat on the market today, the new and unique Country Club Elite® T-turf™ system. This is unlike any other training aid you have seen before. The sheer number of benefits that this training aid system carries with it is astounding.

If you have ever hit your irons from a regular range cushion, you know that a fat shot will look better coming off the club than it would if played from the grass. There is a reason for this. Your club will normally slide right over the top of most of these range ball cushions and that leads to incorrect results that you can often feel, but rarely see.

The new Elite T-Turf’s Long Dense Fiber System solves the fat shot problem:

  • The Long Dense Fiber System closely matches the feel of real fairway grass.
  • With this system, if you hit down on the ball properly, the club will smoothly pass down and through the ball.
  • If you do not hit properly, you will feel the difference. On a fat shot your club head will go deeper into the long fiber system and that will cause the club head to slow down as if you have taken a divot.
  • Because the fibers are long and dense, they absorb and dissipate the blow for immediate and realistic feedback at the point of impact. This advanced sensation will can help you eliminate the fat shot problem and the bounce issue that you find with most inferior cushions.

Your short game will improve as you spend more time using this system. Visit our site and learn more about the great features this product offers. We are located at, and we hope to see you there!

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