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How many times have you seen an ad for a golf training aid that promised incredible results? Odds are you have seen many of these ads on television or in magazines. But can all those ads be true? Can it really be true that each and every one of these is really the best golf training aid ever made?

T-Turf Golf Mats dense fiber system holds a real wooden golf tee.
  • Takes A Real Tee
  • Lets You Swing Down and Through the Ball
  • No Bounce
  • True Divot Action

Finally, a golf mat that lets you swing down and through the ball!
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The next time you are looking at one of these ads, ask yourself:

  • Does this product even make sense?
  • Can I use this product at home, whenever I want to?
  • Does this product offer anything different than what I can find now?
  • Is this product guaranteed?

J.R. Mats Inc. would like to introduce you to our new golf training aid the CC Elite T-Turf driving mat. And as we do, we would ask that you go over those questions above and apply them to our golf swing training aid.

No one improves without practice. For most players that means a trip to the driving range where often you must wait in line to get a place, purchase range balls, and then try to practice on a range cushion that is probably the worst thing you could practice on!

Range mats, as you know, have wobbly rubber tees that you cannot adjust or even remove. This is bad news for the owners of the new high-tech drivers which require that each player set his tee to compliment his particular swing and club. Not being able to set the tee only makes you practice the wrong way! In other words, what you are doing on that range mat is not what you will want to do in real life, on a real course. The more you practice this incorrect technique, the more your body will learn it and then use it later on. You do not want that to happen.

Our product allows you to set a real wooden tee into the fibers so that you practice what you will be using later on correctly. The material we use is top notch, commercial-grade, and comes with a full one year guarantee.

The benefits and facts on this product are too exhaustive to cover here. Why not stop by our site at and see what the best golf training aid really is!

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