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“Perfect Impact is the key to hitting the ball farther, straighter and closer to the hole. By using the Impact Master, you will gain muscle memory, learn balance and the feel of proper impact position for all your clubs from practice time to game time.”
Mark McCumber
10-Time PGA Tour Champion & Ryder Cup Member

Never Blade or Chunk the Ball Again!

Poor short game performance comes when your wrists break down and your hands lag behind the ball, lifting the club up before impact to blade the ball and miss the impact position entirely.

The single best way to lower your score is to improve your short game. The Impact Master is a golf instruction aid that is fundamental to training just where in your swing you are breaking down.

Never again watch with embarrassment as your ball moves uncontrollably across the green.

Lower your handicap. When your short game is off, it is because you didn’t keep your wrists firm and straight throughout your swing, causing your hands to lag behind the ball and flipping the wedge up before you strike the ball. The result is the ball screams unpredictably across the green.

Stay in position to get the ball up and in the hole!

The secret to playing great golf is taking to the course exactly what you’ve perfected on the range. That’s why the Impact Master is ideal: the club you train with is the club you play with. The club you are the most comfortable with and train with is the one that you will have the most confidence using on the course.

“It really doesn’t matter if you’re hitting a short shot or a full swing, you have to get that same clearance out of your hips. And with the Impact Master getting in your way if you don’t, you’re going to know right away if you’ve done it wrong.

It means everything for me to be able to take the wedge that I’m practicing with onto the golf course to play. So if I can practice with the same wedge that I’m going to be playing with in competition, that familiarity with the way it looks and feels is just enormous.”

Tom Wischmeyer
PGA Teaching Professional

Impact Master will get the ball moving toward your target with consistent loft and backspin.

The Impact Master is a high-quality, state-of-the-art golf club that happens to double as a training aid. The wedge was designed by Clay Long, personal Club Designer for Jack Nicklaus and has all the design features demanded by great wedge players of our time.

The beveled sole is perfect for tight lies and has a 12° bounce. The perfect look at address is what professional Tour players demand in a wedge.

“When you work with the Impact Master, you immediately realize how much you have to take hand position out of the equation and concentrate on the power and acceleration that comes more from your lower body. Practicing that motion is what is going to make you more consistent.

I instantly realized what I needed to do to hit the proper shot, proper pitch and chip. The feedback the Impact Master gave me was immediate. If I didn’t do it right, I got thumped in my side. Pretty quickly, I learned to make proper contact with the ball and I also learned how much I needed to accelerate on short shots.”

Josh McCumber
2008 Nationwide Tour Member and Qualifier for the 2005 and 2009 PGA Tour U.S. Open

Note: After practicing with the Impact Master in 2004, Josh McCumber qualified for the 2005 U.S. Open at Pinehurst. This was the first time Josh had qualified for the Open, and he attributes a great deal of his success that time around to his using the Impact Master regularly.

How It Works          Poor short game performance comes when your wrists break down and your hands lag behind the ball lifting the club up before impact to blade the ball and miss the impact position entirely.If your wrists start to break down while using the Impact Master® – the extension rod will “tap” your side, providing instant feedback to make a correction.

Instant Feedback

  • Club Head Passes Your HandsGet A Thump!
  • Fail to Clear Your Hips ProperlyGet A Thump!
  • No Extension In Your Follow ThroughGet A Thump!

Train With It …. Play With It

After you have trained with the Impact Master® and developed confidence in your wedge play – simply remove the extension rod  and play with the same wedge on the course.

What Impact Master® Customers Are Saying …

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“I have not had to say too much to my golf buddies about the Impact Master. I think they’ve seen it for themselves in seeing my game improve and it costing them more of their lunch money.

The Impact Master’s been revolutionary in helping my golf game. It’s improved my extension through the ball, and I would say I’ve improved in the last six months as much as 40 yards off the tee.”

John Snow
Weekend Golfer

“Within probably an hour of using the Impact Master, I felt like I got back to a feel that I’d lost for probably five years. And, it’s just amazing what it’s done for my whole game, not just my wedge play. I’ve gotten my power back.

It’s like taking my lessons on the road, because I’ve been taking the Impact Master with me to the golf course and hitting about 25 or 30 shots before I go tee off. Then I drop the extension in my locker and I start with a good feel right from the beginning of the day.

Before I started working with the Impact Master, I lost about six or seven miles an hour of club head speed that I kind of contributed to turning 40. I thought that was that. And when I started working with the Impact Master, it was amazing. I got my full power back.”

Scott Blanchard
Double Digit Handicap

“At one time in my career, when I was playing a lot, I thought I knew what it was like to hit a perfect shot. Having used the Impact Master now, I’m really starting to not only to see it, but really feel it.

The Impact Master is Tour-quality, it’s the same quality of all the clubs that we sell in my golf shop. I feel confident that we could sell the Impact Master wedge and be proud of it as not only a training aid, but as an everyday golf club in your bag.

First time I used the Impact Master was at a golf course I was visiting out of town. I practiced on the tee, had a lot of people wandering over to see what was going on, and a few minutes later I was hitting my approach shot onto the first green with it.”

Jack Kirkpatrick
General Manager, Maderas Golf Club


Buy Now    Price: $99.00
Free shipping to the continental US 48!
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