Project Description

Dear Jay,

I want to thank you for all your help with the turf specifications for my new fitting studio.

As you know, I have been using a 5’x5’ Country Club Elite Golf Mat since 2013 and it still looks and feels like brand new after fairly heavy use.

I added a 4’x5’ Country Club Elite Mat to the 5’x5’ to get a 9’x5’ teeing station which now easily handles both left and right handed golfers without having to move my launch monitor. This is a great time saver for me.

I also added two 5’x3’ sections of your Deluxe Rough directly in front of the teeing mats with the grain of one section down range and the grain of the other toward the golfer.

These mats butt up against a 10’x11-6’ section of your Quick and True Putting Turf for which you custom cut 10 cups for me. The Quick and True Putting Turf serves as the floor covering of the projection screen cage.

The result is a 10’ wide x 23-6’ long teeing and putting station that is very professional looking.

This setup not only looks good but has been extremely helpful in demonstrating to golfers the effects of grain for both chipping and putting with the grain and against the grain. The Deluxe Rough is also great for teaching the golfer how to identify the direction of grain when they are on the golf course.

I am not sure the pictures I have sent do the final product the justice it deserves.

I am really pleased and proud of the appearance and functionality of my fitting studio using your great products.

Thanks you very much for your personal attention and professionalism in helping me be a better fitter. Looking forward to seeing you at the PGA Show in January.

God Bless

Charlie Sampson Custom Golf Clubs
AGCP Level 10 Certified
PPGS Certified Fitter and Instructor
GCA Master Clubfitter
International Clubfitting Guild
Wishon MOI Certified
Miura Dealer
GolfDigest America’s Fitters 2017