Bender Wedge Range

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Bender Wedge Range

Mike Bender World Famous Wedge Range

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Mike Bender Wedge Range Signs

The World Famous Mike Bender Wedge Range  was developed by Mike Bender for Zach Johnson prior to Zach’s Masters win. The idea is simple, Zach wasn’t the longest hitter in the field, but if you can hit it close on par 5’s you will end up with birdie opportunities.  In fact when Zach won the Masters in 2007 – he didn’t go for any (not a single one) Par 5 on his second shot. He laid up to a comfortable distance and made 11 birdies in 16 attempts!

The secret was confidence – after training on the wedge range Zach was ready to stick his third shots close and back them up with one putts.

The wedge Range has 4×4 concrete pad targets out in the range at 30,40,50,60,70,80,90 & 100 yards. The targets are at various angles so that you need to adjust your alignment to shoot at the next target.

There is a leader board and some great competition at the Mike Bender Academy for “wedge range bragging rights”.


The Mike Bender Academy also utilizes a Comprehensive Short Game Test
The Tucker Short Game test consists of 100 short game shots including putting, chipping, pitching, sand shots, wedges, and trouble shots. The players results on each skill convert to a handicap with an overall short game handicap established at the end. Because the short game constitutes more than half of a players score, the information is extremely valuable to the student and instructor in providing a priority to improve the weakest skills. It also provides a benchmark or measurement for each student to set an improvement goal for subsequent testing. From our research, a very good high school player should have a handicap of zero or better. To be on the PGA or LPGA Tour, the player needs to be a +4 or better.

“I had Given Up Hope… Until I Saw The Country Club Elite® Golf Mat”

“Dear Mr. McGrath,

It was my pleasure to meet you at this years PGA show. Thank you so much for your help with our custom MEGSA Mats and also introducing me to your new Country Club Elite Mats. As you know we run multiple golf academies and have been looking for an acceptable synthetic hitting turf option for years. I had given up hope until seeing your product. It provides a true feel with true results especially on a “fat-shot”. We plan on installing your product at two of our academies this year with more to come. Best wishes for your continued success.


Mike Bender 
Mike Bender Golf Academy – Lake Mary, FL

  • #5 Golf Digests America’s 50 Greatest Teachers
  • PGA Teacher Of The Year
  • Top 25 Golf School
  • Coach to the pros: Zach Johnson, Seon Hwa, Johnathan Byrd, Robert Damron

UnEven Lie Station™:

I was proud to help Mike Bender with the development of the UnEven Lie Station.  Mike Wanted an area where golfers could practice “trouble shots” including up-hill down-hill and side-hill lies.

UnEven Lie Golf Mats

Practice hilly uneven lie shots – just like you are likely to see on the golf course