3x5 Country Club Elite

Project Description

“I really like to practice on my Country Club Elite Mat – I can duplicate the results on the golf course.
Getting up and down better than ever. Great product!”


Enclosed are photos of me practicing chipping/pitching with my Real Feel Golf Mat.

The first photo is with me chipping from my driveway to a target in my front lawn.

3x5 Country Club Elite

Chipping off of my 3×5 Country Club Elite         Golf Practice Mat









The second is me hitting to a far target from my neighbor’s sidewalk across the street (my neighbor let’s me do this!) into my front lawn.

practice chipping mat

Practicing a farther chip shot from across the street

I can actually move up the sidewalk to the left and angle into my yard up to 45 yards away!

The third photo is me hitting to a medium length target, again across the street on my neighbor’s sidewalk.







–Doug Schakel, Colorado Mesa University basketball coach and athletic director-retired,
but still coaching, now at Johnson County Community College in Overland Park, KS (age 71)

Country Club Elite® Golf mat review – 3×5 size – residential use