Project Description

” I  am happy that we chose J.R. Mats on this project and I would recommend  J.R. Mats and The Country Club Elite® and The Quick & True™ Putting Turf to any of my friends interested in building their own “Golf Room”. 

“Now I can practice in my own custom golf space – not only over the winter months, but any time the mood strikes me.”  


We are thrilled that John’s home simulator room installation turned out so well.

John wanted a curve for aesthetics and to soften the transition from the rest of his room into his GOLF SIMULATOR space.
He also wanted to build up the putting turf so that the hitting mat and putting turf would not have such a dramatic height difference.
This also helped create a nice recessed area to loose lay the Country Club Elite® 5×5 practice mat.



Building your own Home Golf Simulator room

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Project Detail

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