Project Description


I purchased one of your mats a little over a year ago, after doing a lot of research.  I came to the conclusion that your mat would be the best for the indoor practice range I planned on building in my garage.

I purchased the 4×5 CC elite mat, which I will admit, was not cheap.  But after using it, I firmly believe it was worth the money.  The quality and durability of the mat is great.

I’ve hit thousands of balls on your mat and no one would be able to notice.  I love the feel of the mat.  You can really tell when you have flushed the ball, but it surely lets you know when you have hit one a little chunky.

The only complaint I have, which I really can’t blame on your mat, is that actual yardage I see on the course doesn’t quite equate to what I get on my launch monitor.  I have recently purchased a Skytrak unit, and the numbers just seem a little off to me.  Like I said, I don’t blame it on the mat, but I have read that many others are having the same issue.  I have also noticed it using a FlightScope monitor.  I honestly think the mat slows the club head speed down just enough for those of us that take a decent divot, that the launch monitor calculates our distances about 5 to 10 yards short for each club.  I have found that if I hit the ball off of a tee each time, I can replicate the yardages I see on the course.  Just an observation, the mat performs great each time I get out there and practice.

I have attached a few pictures, as you have requested, of my garage set up practice facility.  I started with just a 10×10 net, your 4×5 mat and a ball tray, which you will see in the first few photos.
I will admit, hitting balls into a net without any kind of feedback got old pretty quick.  It took me awhile to save and get the current setup I had envisioned all along.  I took everything down and started from scratch.  I re-positioned the net to face the other direction (my wife’s idea, but I won’t tell her she was right :), purchased the Skytrak personal launch monitor with the game improvement package, along with the The Golf Club simulation package, and mounted a 40in flat screen on the wall so I can see the PC screen firsthand while running the programs.  My buddies are all jealous of my setup, and I am loving it.
I give you permission to use my photos on your website to promote your business.  I recently purchased some of your friction fit tees, and love them while playing the simulator.
I will definitely be ordering more products from you, keep up the good work!  If you have any issues with the images, please let me know, I will resent them if needed
Happy Customer,
Jay Campbell