Birdie Balls


Practice all of your golf shots in your own backyard (no net required!) with this new limited flight practice golf ball.

365 Day Guarantee: I’m so sure that you will love this product that I will give you my iron clad, 365 day, I’ll buy them back guarantee. If for any reason your not happy with you new BirdieBalls I will buy them back and I will even pay the shipping. Just call my office at 1-800-344-2115 and I will send you a prepaid UPS label all you will need to do is tape the label on and put them in a UPS drop box.

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Practice all of your golf shots in your own backyard
(no net required!) with this new limited flight
practice golf ball

  • Limited Flight – Only goes 30-50 yds
  • Accurate Impact & Ball Flight Feedback
  • Hooks and Slices
  • Play Anywhere
  • Great Hang Time
  • Cool Turbine Sound
  • Great Golf Training Aid

For years I was looking for a good golf practice ball. I’ve tried foam balls of all kinds, real golf balls attached to a string that swing around and around. The classic hollow plastic balls and even tried real balls with kite tails attached.

The plastic and foam balls are too light, the wind blows them, the golf club crushes them and they don’t feel like or react like a real golf ball. The real golf balls feel real but seeing them swing around and around on a string just didn’t do it for me. I want to watch my golf shot in the air and see where it goes – like when you hit your best drive of the day, strike a perfect finish pose – and you watch it go and go and go.

BirdieBalls solved the age-old golf limited flight practice ball problems.

BirdieBalls were introduced new product section at the International PGA Merchandise Show and WON “BEST NEW PRODUCT”.

My friend John Breaker went out of the box to create the best golf practice ball ever made. It doesn’t look like a golf ball, but it acts like one – it just doesn’t go as far.

My lovely wife had a synthetic golf green installed in our backyard as my 40th birthday present (Yes – she’s quite a catch). As much as I loved putting on it and chipping to it, until I found BirdieBall I could only hit partial wedge shots. Now I can hit every club in my bag – it’s more fun and better practice.

You actually can feel the Birdieball at impact it feels like a real ball – but it only goes 40 yards.

Now you can practice all of your golf shots in your own backyard or at the park. I even keep a sleeve in my golf bag and hit 3 extra shots whenever it gets backed up on the course (of course I had to give my playing partners each a sleeve because they complained that I had an unfair advantage).

BirdieBalls are a great golf training and golf teaching aid for golfers of all skill levels:

  • Kids love them because of the long hang time and cool turbine sound.
  • Golf Teachers love them because now they can teach the entire range of golf shots anywhere.
  • You will love them because now you too can work with all of your clubs in your own backyard without a net.

You can get as few as 3 BirdieBalls to try them out but I’d suggest at least a dozen or two and even better one of the backyard golf combo deals. To hit them is to love them – you won’t be sorry (I guarantee it).