What its the average lifespan? My routine is roughly 1hr 2 to 3 times a week.

High volume driving ranges are getting 2-3 years of heavy use out of a 5×5 Country Club Elite Golf Mats and Country Clubs are getting 3-5 years. So I’d guess you will get 5 years or more with home use. The UV rays take their toll on the fibers, so if you are practicing inside or under cover it wall last even longer. Most ranges leave the mats out all year – even under snow. Of course, the larger size you get will allow you to move around more on the mat extending the life – this is why most ranges order the 5×5 golf mat – so they can rotate 90-degrees.

I am looking to build an indoor golf range for the winter months, I am looking for a mat that has fairway and rough, and you can use a real tee to put into the turf tee the ball up, I compete in Long Drive and I have had trouble with other mats moving because of my high swing speed and causing the ball to fall off the tee before impact, which can make it very dangerous, Ive looked around your website and was wondering if you could make any recommendations to me?

You could use the deluxe combo system and I could give you an extra insert of rough (20″ x 36″) to fit in the tray for $99.00 this mat has a heavy rubber try and you could attached the tray to the floor if you had too. The Country Club Elite® Real Feel Golf Mats™ where the first golf hitting mat to take a real tee and we drill them to accommodate rubber range mat tees and our adjustable range mat tee if you would rather use them. I’m sure my customers would love a few tips on gripping it and ripping it too. I think the deluxe combo™ is your best bet because the Stance mat is firmer and has an extra rubber layer on the bottom – so if your doing some major weight shift and torque this will stay in palace the best and be easier on you ankles than standing and hitting off of a 5′ × 5′ CCE mat.

How does your mat compare to other mats on the market?

Our mat is the most realistic golf mat on the market. Developed by avid golfer Jay McGrath the owner of J.R. Mats, Inc. The Country Club Elite® mat is currently being used at the facilities of 4 out of the top 5 teachers on the Golf Digest Top Teacher list. We have been copied by many but yet to be duplicated. Some competitors have been brazen enough to steal exact copy and pictures directly from our websites. So buyer beware!

Will these mats stain my clubs green?

The mats are made of nylon which has the highest melt temp/ abrasion resistance of any turf fiber. Other fibers like Polypropylene and polyethylene can literally melt on the club. Others may tell you that nylon will never leave green marks on your clubs, but I have found that over time as the fibers degrade from UV and wear they will leave some green residue.

I am a PGTAA Master Teaching Professional and need something portable since I teach at student's homes and in open fields. What would you recommend?

As far as mat size – I would suggest a 3×5 or the twin combo system for portability. The two piece will shift on you some, so I prefer a 3×5 personally. The Country Club Elite® Golf Mats weight about 2 pounds per sq. ft. And I’ve found the easiest way to make it portable is to roll the mats and wrap with two bungee cords – then use these as handles. I also love the Birdieballs for backyard golf and home golf training. They are limited flight and great for backyard practice. You can hit any club without a net, you feel impact unlike other practice balls, and see the full ball flight. I find that they work best with a specific target to shoot at.

Is it okay to leave these mats out in weather/rain?

Yes, most commercial applications are left in place 24/7/365.

Does any surface, like concrete, hinder performance?

The Country Club Elite® Golf Practice matt is designed to work on any flat firm surface. Each golf mat is made with a 5/8″ thick foam cushioning pad underneath. Typically driving ranges place the golf mats on a concrete pad and country clubs may install in a tee line look by lifting the sod and placing on a compacted stone base. Other options include:

  • Laying the mat on a piece of ply-wood ( all weather is best)
  • Simply laying on the grass or dirt – this works fine if the are is flat and firm
What is the warranty?

Full-sized mats (5′ x 5′) have a 3-year commercial warranty and have been lasting 3-5 years in the field. I ask for even wear – meaning that you should rotate the mats and hit from different areas of the mat to prevent wear from showing in one specific spot. I personally have the original prototype mat from 2005 in may backyard as of 8-2013 and use it to practice and as a tee box on my backyard golf course. I’m also in business to have happy customers – if you are not happy I’m not happy so please let me know if there is ever a problem that I need to address. We wouldn’t have top teachers giving us unpaid endorsements and putting their names on the line if we didn’t appreciate our customers.

Do they dry out fairly quickly if left in the rain?

Yes, especially in the sun and wind. You could flip the mat over to make it drain more quickly.