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Elevate your game with year-round practice on your new Country Club Elite® Golf Mat. Whether it's at home, in your backyard, garage, shed, or basement, you now have the perfect setup to hone your game just like the pros

Dear Golf Enthusiast,

In the world of golf equipment, discerning enthusiasts like yourself have undoubtedly encountered an endless onslaught of subpar offerings from major retail and online golf stores. These products often masquerade as golf mats but are, in reality, crafted from leftover materials such as discarded football field turf or discontinued synthetic turf products. These hastily repurposed mats, packaged in glossy four-color boxes, seldom withstand the repetitive impact of golf clubs and deteriorate within weeks.

In response to the fervent demands of PGA professionals for a more realistic and body-friendly golf mat, we embarked on a quest in 2005. The outcome was the Country Club Elite® Golf Mat, which made its debut at the PGA show in January 2006. Distinguished as “the first mat capable of accommodating a real tee,” it garnered widespread attention. The Country Club Elite® Mat also received resounding acclaim at the National Golf Industry Show in Atlanta, Georgia that year.

The word swiftly spread through good old word of mouth. Our heartfelt gratitude extends to Top Teaching Professional Mike Bender and PGA President Jack Connelly, who were instrumental in igniting this journey over nine years ago.

The power of the internet has proven invaluable in enabling us to directly connect you with the industry’s finest golf mats. Now, you can practice like the pros with top-tier golf mats, tailored to your unique requirements, straight from the manufacturer.


The First Golf Mat That Takes A real tee

No Bounce®

“It really does eliminate the problems common with most mats – there is no bounce and the feel really is REAL…”

Jack Connelly
PGA of America Pres. 2001-03
Arnold Palmer Lifetime Svc Awd
PGA Philly Section Hall of Fame

Takes A Real Tee®

“Being able to tee a ball up any where on the mat is a huge advantage over other mats …”

Mike Bender
Top 5 Teacher Golf Digest
2009 Nat’l Teacher of The Year
Top 25 Golf Academy

Swing Down & Through®

“I wanted THE BEST  MAT for my new academy. It reacts like real turf even on missed hits – you get realistic feedback even on a fat shot…”

Told Kolb
MN PGA Teacher of the Year 08
PGA Dakota Chapter Teacher of the year 2010 & 2015

True Divot Action®

“True Ball/Turf Contact – you don’t get false results like you do using other golf mats — it’s exactly the same reward and penalty for accurate ball/turf contact.”

Brian Manzella
Golf Digest – The 50 Best Teachers In America
Golf Magazine Top 100 Teacher
TrackMan University Master Teaching Professional

While being the first golf mat to accommodate a real tee initially grabbed the community's attention, it's the authentic feel when hitting irons and wedges that truly sets apart the Country Club Elite®

If you’ve ever taken a swing with irons on a typical driving range mat, you’ve likely noticed that a “fat shot” seems more forgiving on these mats compared to the fairway. This is because most mats cause the club to bounce and slide, often providing inaccurate feedback, especially for fat shots. This issue is commonly known as the “drop-kick” effect.

Traditional golf mats typically feature a rubber tee with a fixed height, which can force you to adapt your swing to it. In contrast, the innovative Country Club Elite® Real Feel Long Dense Fiber System allows you to use a real tee, offering the flexibility to adjust the tee height to suit various clubs. Rubber tees can interfere with your club-head at impact, resulting in a different feel compared to hitting off a real tee.

Real Feel Country Club Elite Golf Mat

Swing Down and Through® — Without The Bounce Other Mats Have

The Country Club Elite® Real Feel Golf Mat® is designed to solve the “fat shot problem” that plagues most traditional mats. Our Long Dense Fiber System closely replicates the sensation of a well-manicured fairway. When you make a proper downswing, the club moves seamlessly through the mat, allowing you to achieve a Swing Down and Through® with True Divot Action®.

On those occasional “fat shots,” you’ll notice the difference. Going too deep into the Long Dense Fiber System mimics the feel of taking a chunk out of the turf, slowing down the club head.

The unique design of the Long Dense Fiber System offers immediate and realistic feedback, eliminating the troublesome “bounce” found on most mats. It absorbs and disperses the impact like a real fairway.

Traditional mats can lead to unnatural bounces and distorted results. In contrast, Country Club Elite® Real Feel Golf Mats® use specially engineered grass-like fibers with a spring-set, held tightly in place to hold a real wooden tee. These fibers are bonded to a 5/8″ thick polyethylene foam with a stabilizing layer, ensuring dimensional stability and a more authentic feel. This innovative combination sets our mat apart, offering a superior golfing experience.

New Consumer Sizes (same great product)

Hitting Strips from 10″ x 30″ // Mat Sizes 3’x4′, 3’x5′, 4’x4′, 4’x5′, 5’x5′, 5’x10′

For as little as $47.00 you can own a Country Club Elite® Real Feel Golf Mat™ and start improving your golf game. You will recoup your investment with the money saved on range balls every time practice with your new Country Club Elite® Real Feel Golf Mat™ (Not to mention the money you may win from your friends on the course). More importantly you will practice more since you will be able to hit balls in your own back yard (without taking divots), garage, shed, or basement. If your as busy as I am, I’m sure you don’t practice your golf shots as often as you would like – now you can hit 30 balls in less than 10 minutes at lunch, after work, or on the weekend whenever you can squeeze it in. I know I hit a few hundred balls a week more than I ever have and it is starting to show on the course – Since I started practicing in my backyard I’m scoring better, having more fun, and hitting a lot more “golf-shots”.

100% No Hassle Satisfaction Guarantee!

If you don’t agree that your new Country Club Elite® Golf Mat is the best golf mat that you have ever hit a ball off of and you are not 100% completely satisfied, simply send it back for a courteous, no hassle, prompt refund. No other golf mat manufacturer that I know offers this type of guarantee. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

New Consumer Sizes

Country Club Elite® Golf Mats

From $287.00

The Same Golf Mat The Pros Use™ 

FREE Shipping on Full Sized Country Club Elite® Mats *Contiguous USA Only* 

Finally, A Golf Mat that Lets You Swing ‘Down-and-Through’ with True Divot Action® For Realistic Practice – And It Even Takes A Real Tee!

Complete your ‘golf space’ and improve your game and by practicing on your New Country Club Elite® Golf Mat All year long – in your own backyard, garage, (golf)shed, or basement.

5-Star Reviews by Verified Customers:

“Best quality and most realistic mats on the market. (More expensive than other types, but worth it.) Feels like hitting off of a perfect lie, and it buffers the impact of the bounce. That makes hitting a lot of practice balls very easy on your body’s joints.” – Kent D.  12-26-2020

“I have been using the Country Club Elite Mats now for nearly three years in my indoor teaching studio. In my opinion, these mats are the best on the market today. Their performance is outstanding. Golfers may complain about having to hit off other inferior mats, but I never get complaints about the Country Club Elite Mats. When golfers hit fat shots, the club digs into the mat instead of bouncing off the mat (just as a club would dig into the ground outside) and my TrackMan launch monitor shows a loss of distance. The surface is so good that they are ideal for both hitting full iron shots as well as short pitches and chips.” – Mark Polich, Mark Polich Golf  03-02-2020

Sizing Tips: 3×4 & 4×4 golf mats will not allow most golfers to hit driver – these are great for chipping, pitching and hitting irons. If you want to hit driver you typically need 5′ in the heel-to-toe direction. Example 3×5, 4×5, 5×5 (the typical driving range mat is 5×5 for example).

FREE Shipping on Full Sized Country Club Elite® Mats *Contiguous USA Only*

If Outside of the contiguous USA – Please place your order and we will contact you about any additional freight charges. We will confirm the order/charges with you prior to shipping.

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New Golf Hitting Mat Strips

Country Club Elite® Golf Mat Hitting Strip

From $49.99

The Same Golf Mat The Pros Use™

The Same Great Commercial Quality Golf Mat – Just in a smaller size.  Use your old golf mat as a stance mat and add a new Country Club Elite®  Hitting Strip adjacent to it or bring it to the range. Portable enough for backyard and travel.

5-Star Reviews By Verified Customers:

Real Feel Is The Real Deal – As an instructor, typical golf mats are hard on the elbows. I lay this strip next to the range mat to hit off of. The feel is incredible and the impact on the elbows is significantly reduced. When hitting hundreds of balls this mat is the difference maker!”  Doug M. (NJ, United States)  2-23-21

“I’ve been looking for a hitting strip that provides a bit more forgiveness. Most consumer level mats are just too hard. This mat is thick. It can support a regular tee. It also lets me hit down and through. It moves very little considering it’s just a strip. This mat is very well made and the price is just right. It’s so good, I’m ordering the 4 x 5 mat.” Frank C. 3-17-2020

“I am a club fitter; and I have them outside each and every day and night. You may find cheaper, but you’ll never find better!!!” Bill Marshall, AGCP Certified club Fitter 12-21-19

SKU: CCE Strip Category:

Thank you for taking the time to view our site. I am committed to bringing you quality products and if you try them I’m confident that you’ll agree.

Very best regards,

Jay R. McGrath

P.S. Remember that the new CC Elite Real Feel Golf Mat ™ lets you hit down on the ball for a true feel and realistic practice. 4 great bonuses: David Lee’s “Gravity Golf” eBook, a Free Sleeve of limited-flight practice balls, and our revolutionary new adjustable height golf mat tee.