Country Club Elite® Golf Mat Hitting Strip

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On one of our most popular hitting strips, the 10″ x 24″.

The Same Golf Mat The Pros Use™

The Same Great Commercial Quality Golf Mat – Just in a smaller size.  Use your old golf mat as a stance mat and add a new Country Club Elite®  Hitting Strip adjacent to it or bring it to the range. Portable enough for backyard and travel.

5-Star Reviews By Verified Customers:

Real Feel Is The Real Deal – As an instructor, typical golf mats are hard on the elbows. I lay this strip next to the range mat to hit off of. The feel is incredible and the impact on the elbows is significantly reduced. When hitting hundreds of balls this mat is the difference maker!”  Doug M. (NJ, United States)  2-23-21

“I’ve been looking for a hitting strip that provides a bit more forgiveness. Most consumer level mats are just too hard. This mat is thick. It can support a regular tee. It also lets me hit down and through. It moves very little considering it’s just a strip. This mat is very well made and the price is just right. It’s so good, I’m ordering the 4 x 5 mat.” Frank C. 3-17-2020

“I am a club fitter; and I have them outside each and every day and night. You may find cheaper, but you’ll never find better!!!” Bill Marshall, AGCP Certified club Fitter 12-21-19

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