Country Club Elite® Hitting Strip



Complete your ‘golf space’ and improve your game and by practicing on your New Country Club Elite® Golf Mat All year long – in your own backyard, garage, (golf)shed, or basement.

The Same Golf Mat The Pros Use™

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Question:  Is the country club elite real feel mat and the country club elite hitting strip the same material, can you use a real T in both mats.  I am building a simulator and want to install a hitting mat at the same level as the rest of the surface and the hitting strip would work very well.  Thanks, Reg


Yes exact same material just in a smaller size. let us know if you are recessing the mat or strip so that we can cut it as exact and square as we can.
We also have a 1″ Sim Turf™ that works well with dricore to make a flush install
If you let me know the size of your space – I’d be happy to quote you.
Below is a picture of a Sim Room with Sim Turf and Dricore Sub-Floor
Dricore Sub Floor Tiles

Dricore Subfloor Tiles