Impact Master™ Training Aid Wedge & Instructional Videos

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The single best way to lower your score is to improve your short game.

The Impact Master™ is a golf instruction aid that is fundamental to training just where in your swing you are breaking down.

Poor short game performance comes when your wrists break down and your hands lag behind the ball lifting the club up before impact to blade the ball and miss the impact position entirely.If your wrists start to break down while using the Impact Master™ – the extension rod will “tap” your side, providing instant feedback to make a correction.

Instant Feedback

  • Club Head Passes Your Hands – Get A Thump!

  • Fail to Clear Your Hips Properly – Get A Thump!

  • No Extension In Your Follow Through – Get A Thump!

Train With It… Play With It

After you have trained with the Impact Master™ and developed confidence in your wedge play – simply remove the extension rod and play with the same wedge on the course.

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