Golf Mat Review – “This Mat Tells Me When I Hit it Fat, and Takes a Real Tee!”

Bob  wrote us this golf mat review after purchasing a Country Club Elite® practice mat for his backyard. We love what he did did with it.

      “I love your mat!”

Hi Jay!

I live on a pond, so I bought some floating balls, floating rope, and your golf mat.

I love your mat.

Backyard Aquatic Driving Range
Backyard Aquatic Driving Range

It actually lets me know when I hit a fat shot. I can put a tee right in it, instead of rubber tees, too!

My friends are very impressed. I knew if I built it, they would come.



Bob Harrison


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Thanks for the review Bob, it is much appreciated.

I have rekindled many old friendships and began some new ones since I built my backyard golf course – Jay