Country Club Elite® vs The Other Guys – “Great Quality, Great Service, Superior to Competitors!”

Buck wrote us complementing the quality of  our golf mat … after first purchasing a competitors mat and having a poor experience.

       “The other product was not sold as advertised”


I had a bad experience ordering a mat from X.X.XXXXX, and would prefer not to go through it again (product not sold as advertised)!

The other guys mat I received was not as advertised, and they did not care. I ordered a mat they advertised to be 1.5″ thick and professional quality. The mat they delivered, however, was 0.75″ thick and felt light and flimsy — despite the high price tag. I emailed X.X.XXXXX and asked for an explanation as to why the product was not as advertised. I also expressed surprise that such a mat could command such a high price.

Rather than explain themselves, they attributed the inferior product to a shipping error, and refused to do anything else to maintain my business or restore my confidence in their product. They simply conceded defeat and had UPS pick the mat back up a week later.

Thanks Jay.



After purchasing a Country Club Elite® Golf Mat, he wrote us this:

      “Unlike your competitors, your product shipped quickly, arrived as-advertised, and your customer service has been first-rate.”

Hi Jay,

I am very impressed with your Country Club Elite® Golf Mat!

I’ve had a few days to hit off your mat and am very impressed! The nice heavy rubber base does not slip and provides a good cushion, even when I’m hitting off a concrete slab.

As promised, you can tell when you hit a clean shot versus when you catch it fat.

The pre-drilled tee holes and plastic tee holder are another unexpected bonus!

Unlike your competitors, your product shipped quickly, arrived as-advertised, and your customer service has been first-rate. Thanks for the bonus DVD, too.

Keep up the great work and I look forward to doing business with your company again.




Buck found our Country Club Elite® to be superior to our competitors – Hopefully you will too!

We have a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee (that we actually honor) and would love to work with you!

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