Skytrak Simulator Room Review

Skytrack Launch Monitor review

“The SkyTrak really meets my needs”

for the following reasons:

  1. Easy to set up and use.
  2. Plenty of data that allows me to compare from shot to shot and from club to club.
  3. Multiple shot tracing options. (Just like on TV!)
  4. Options to compete with others, such as closest to the pin.
  5. Multiple options for purchasing and using golf simulator software. I use TheGolfClub.
  6. Reads the ball, not the club, so it is more accurate.
  7. Less expensive than other launch monitors I priced.


How To Build A Cheap Golf Simulator Room

I used two scraps or plywood I had laying around, but cutting 4’x8’x3/4″ thick piece of plywood in half would work great. I glued and screwed the pieces together and covered it with a piece of green, 1/4″ cheap artificial grass carpet from Lowe’s.  My whole system including the hitting mat, Skytrak, computer, projector, screen, netting, etc, all came in under $3000, which pleased me greatly.

On Mon, Mar 26, 2018  Steve Foster wrote:

I have attached a pic of me using the Real Feel Golf Mats® hitting strip / adjustable Tee Range Mat Combo purchased from you. This set up is in my basement. I live in Iowa and you can appreciate the impact on my game of being able to hit shots year round. You will notice that I constructed an elevated area to stand on which brings me up to the same level as the hitting strip. This was easily constructed from 1 4×8 sheet of plywood and some green carpet which was glued and stapled to the plywood.


This set up is ideal for me in several ways. The built-in, adjustable, and reusable tee on one end, means that I just set the height and go! No more finding the tee and pushing it back in the mat, no more broken tees! It is the same height every time, and I have been using the same tee for hundreds of shots with no sign of wear. This system is also much less expensive than a 5×5 piece of RealFeel mat.


When I want to hit iron shots, I simply slide the hitting strip backwards and hit off of the mat itself. I have had this mat for more than a year now, and have hit 1000″s of shots with it. It has lots of wear left! This system works particularly well when using the course simulation feature of my SkyTrak. Sliding the mat back and forth so easily allows me to “play” both iron shots and tee shots with ease.


Hitting from the mat has had a positive training effect on my game beyond the extra repetitions allowed from having this setup in my basement. I was initially concerned with how “divots” might work on the RealFeel mat. I do have a rather upright swing, and was concerned that the “bounce” I experience on other types of mats, might not be ideal. The RealFeel mat accepts my “digging” style by accurately giving me a “fat” shot when I hit behind the ball. It also “trains” me to swing on a more shallow plane, producing better shots. After a winter of this “training”, my irons flew higher and straighter.


In summary, I am a very happy user of theReal Feel Golf Mats® hitting strip with the Adjustable Tee System. Thank you for your help in deciding what to purchase, and for the support after the sale. If this picture is not perfect for your use, please suggest how I might improve it.


SkyTrak Golf Simulator... Really meets my needs
SkyTrak Cheap Golf Simulator Room room idea