Golf Mat Review – ‘Thanks to My Practice Mat I’m Playing Better on the Course!’

Doug wrote us this golf mat review after using our Country Club Elite® to practice his chipping and pitching game!    Jay,   Enclosed are photos of me practicing chipping/pitching with my Real Feel Golf Mat®      “Getting up and down better than ever. Great product!” The first photo is with me chipping from […]

Country Club Elite® Trackman Modular Golf Mat Designs

Here ia a modular installation using The Country Club Elite® Mats. This is a left/right set up – so the Trackman launch Monitor does need to be moved to occomodate a left or  right handed golfer.  The Left and right Strike mats™ are 20″ x 48″ with the center Stance Mat being 4×4. This Flip-It® […]

Country Club Elite® vs The Other Guys – “Great Quality, Great Service, Superior to Competitors!”

Buck wrote us complementing the quality of  our golf mat … after first purchasing a competitors mat and having a poor experience.        “The other product was not sold as advertised” Jay, I had a bad experience ordering a mat from X.X.XXXXX, and would prefer not to go through it again (product not sold as […]